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The Blog of Dr. Ann Conn

Neck & Back Pain


New Study Strengthens Case for Injections in Chronic Low Back Pain

8/20/2014 9:19 am
Posted by Dr. Ann Conn

A new study in Pain Physician (2014;17:E489-E501) suggests that transforaminal epidural injections are an effective way to manage chronic low back pain especially for disk herniation and spinal nerve irritation. In patients with pain for greater than 6 months, researchers found …


Lumbar Disc Degeneration Associated with Genetic Mutation

1/8/2014 12:22 pm
Posted by Dr. Ann Conn

A large genetic study in families with early onset of lumbar disc disease revealed a gene mutation linked to the enzymes that form the ‘jelly’ within lumbar discs.  This mutation impaired the key enzyme that provides hydration of the center …


Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation for Chronic Pain Treatment

10/17/2013 1:10 pm
Posted by Dr. Ann Conn

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) is low current brain stimulation.  Many applications are currently under investigation, including treatment of chronic pain.  Zachary Leuschner MD of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, presented information at the 2013 meeting of the American Pain …


Low Back Pain Linked to Bacterial Infection

6/3/2013 12:54 pm
Posted by Dr. Ann Conn

It is possible that 40% of chronic low back pain is related to bacterial infection.  A study published in European Spine Journal revealed that a group of patients with both disc herniation and Modic type 1 changes demonstrated by MRI could be helped …


Causes of Low Back Pain

4/24/2013 12:17 pm
Posted by Dr. Ann Conn

The April 24, 2013 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association contains an excellent patient education page regarding low back pain.  The link is below.  We are continuously evaluating new way of approaching and treating patients at our northshore …


Exercise & Counseling Reduced Days Off With Back Pain in Recruits

3/28/2013 9:59 am
Posted by Dr. Ann Conn

A study published March 2013 in Spine revealed fewer lost work days due to low back pain in military recruits in Finland when treated with exercise and counseling.  791 recruits were followed for six months.  They were instructed to avoid full …


Pain in Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Worsened with Vitamin D Deficiency

3/20/2013 9:33 am
Posted by Dr. Ann Conn

A study published in the March issue of Pain Physician Journal examined the relationship between pain in lumber stenosis and Vitamin D Deficiency.   The patients were evaluated bases on location and severity of pain.  The groups for analysis were …


MRI for Assessment of Sciatica

3/14/2013 10:40 am
Posted by Dr. Ann Conn

In the March 14, 2013 issue the  New England Journal of Medicine published an article on the use of MRI to evaluate persistent sciatica in cases of known lumbar disc herniation.  The study found that 1 year after treatment, MRI imaging did …


Cervicogenic Headache (Neck Problems Causing Headache)

3/6/2013 2:04 pm
Posted by Dr. Ann Conn

With Cervicogenic Headache,  head and neck movement increase headache.  Problems with the facet joints of the upper neck are often associated with this type of pain.  These facet joints commonly develop arthritis.  The upper three joints are associated with the …


Migraines, Opioids & Butalbital

2/25/2013 12:00 pm
Posted by Dr. Ann Conn

A recent article in Neurology Today discussed treatment and tests that are over utilized and minimally effective.  The US is the only country in which butalbital is approved for headache treatment.  The medication is minimally helpful and can worsen headache.  Bultalbital slows thinking and …